The CIT Difference

With over 25 years experience with collective investment trusts (CITs), First Mercantile Trust optimizes this unique investment vehicle to include a full array of institutional money managers, mutual funds and exchange traded funds, with no proprietary requirements.

The Premiere CIT Provider

CITs can only be offered by banks and trust companies, and their structure and regulatory status is simpler than that of retail mutual funds, resulting in generally lower operational costs. First Mercantile started offering Collective Investment Trusts in the 1980s and back then, our ability to distribute a CIT product was ahead of its time. This innovative investment allows smaller plans access to institutional money managers that they might not otherwise be able to obtain.

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Additional Resources

Definition: Collective Investment Trust

A collective investment trust (CIT) is a trust fund sponsored and maintained by a bank or trust company (e.g., First Mercantile Trust Company) that pools the contributions of participants of qualified retirement plans.