Third Party Administrators

First Mercantile Trust aligns with Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and investment professionals to offer a comprehensive integrated solution for Plan Sponsors. From conversion and real-time reporting to account management, you can trust that our capabilities will assist you in operating more efficiently.

Flexible Approach

We tailor service to your needs and can provide either a bundled or unbundled approach. If you don’t currently have a TPA, First Mercantile can provide guidance in this area.

By working with First Mercantile, TPAs can expect:

A Powerful Investment Platform

Our Preferred Trust investment platform is composed of approximately 180 collective trust investment options that represent diversity and depth within each asset class, as well as the full range of investment styles. You and your plan sponsors can select up to 25 investment choices from an extensive list of independent money manager trusts and collective investment trusts investing in well-known mutual funds, as well as lifestyle asset allocation models and exchange-traded funds. As the investment professional, you also have the flexibility to create customized asset allocation models for each plan.

Our Spectrum platform includes investment options product include a wide range of mutual funds from nationally recognized mutual fund families. The funds are priced at net asset value and thus reflect the daily published returns of the mutual fund. You can offer up to 25 investment choices to your participating employees.

Meaningful Fiduciary Support

First Mercantile recognizes the high importance of fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities in today’s financial marketplace. That’s why we make available our Fiduciary MasterPlanner™ services to help you and your plan sponsors document and maintain quality compliance records. Our Fiduciary MasterPlanner™ services assist you with understanding and complying with plan fiduciary roles.

Efficient Plan Administration Tools

First Mercantile partners with TPAs by providing leading edge technology, including automated reporting and recordkeeping services.

Our secure TPA web site is a valuable resource to help TPAs work efficiently and profitably. There is access to a wide array of real-time reports and online account management tools to help you manage plan administration. Many web features are advantageous in dealing with the technical and compliance aspects of plan management.

The best way to realize the capabilities of the web site is to see it for yourself. Access our third party administrator website demo.

Dedicated Support Team

Retirement is personal. Retirement planning should be too. That’s why, in addition to providing flexible investment options, fiduciary security, and a choice of administrative tools, we also give you the best people in the business. Your regional First Mercantile team has been assembled to bring you exceptional expertise and personal service.

Need more information? Let us earn your trust. Contact us now.